Micro premature socks are now available from Cribbs & Co. Finding tiny baby socks to fit smaller premature babies is not an easy task. Many high street shops have now started to stock very limited ranges of premature baby clothing. George at Asda has a small range of premature baby clothing but do not have any socks available. The same was found in Marks & Spencer and John Lewis.

Cribbs & Co. now has a range of micro premature socks.

We have plain, cotton-rich turnover socks available in a range of colours. Pink, white, blue and cream. They are super soft and measure only 5cm from toe to heel.

If you would like something slightly different we have Teddy Socks. White turnover cotton rich socks. Pink or blue Teddy applique on the turnover. Measuring 5cm from heel to toe.

For your little princesses, we have cotton-rich turnover socks. Available in cream, white and pink. With a lace trim around the turnover and bow and pearl-like detail. These gorgeous socks measure in at only 5 cm from heel to toe.

We are always adding to our available range and working behind the scenes to design and bring you fun and funky tiny baby clothes. Older babies are also catered for with sizes up to 12 months.

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