One Product Purchased = One Tree Planted.

One product purchased = one tree planted plain and simple. The fashion industry has an absolutely huge impact on our environment. From water use, chemicals used to make fabric, and the amount of plastic. I had no idea how much plastic until I received my first clothing order for the store. Plastic tags, coat hangers, bags. Some items had two plastic bags!

After that first order, I knew I wanted to do things differently. I sourced the most environmentally friendly packaging I could find. Vowed never to send any unnecessary plastic to customers with their orders. The packaging is lovely and environmentally friendly, but I didn’t think we were doing enough. Then I stumbled upon tree-nation.

One product = one tree

Trees are important to all living things on earth.

Trees capture CO2 (Carbon dioxide) from the air. Release O2 (Oxygen). Absorb other harmful gases. Protect soil from erosion. Provide food, tools, water and shelter to humans and animals.

Trees and nature have been shown to improve mental health and well being.

We all need to do what we can to help combat climate change and make sure there is a planet left for all our tiny miracle babies to grow and thrive.

This product plants one tree, tree nation

We have done all the hard work to make your purchases eco friendly and carbon neutral.

All our products plant one tree at no cost to you. So how does this work?

When you place your order you will receive the normal confirmation email from Cribbs & Co. Shortly afterwards you will receive an email from tree-nation (please check your spam folder if you do not receive this.) The email from tree-nation will have a link to our forest and you can plant your tree. And that’s it. Nice and simple.

By working together we can have a positive impact on climate change.

You can visit our forest here.