Premature socks have arrived at Cribbs & Co.

Lovely cotton-rich turnover socks with lace trim, bow detail and pearl-like detail. Beautiful socks for your premature baby girls. Available in pink, white and cream. Sizes Micro premature (up to 3lb) and premature (up to 5lb).

Finding socks to fit prem babies can be really difficult. Over the last few years, much-loved baby stores have closed down forever. We can no longer pop out to Mothercare or BabiesRus to browse all the lovely baby clothes.

Premature baby clothing.

Supermarkets have started to dip their toe into premature baby clothing but the range available is very limited, with limited colour choices. Tu at Sainsbury’s has launched a range in conjunction with Bliss, very similar to the range that was available from Mothercare. The range is small with limited colour choice and contains no premature baby socks. 

It is great that the supermarkets have started to offer smaller clothing that is of good quality and great prices. Lots of Supermarkets have long opening hours and are easily accessible. Great if you need things quickly.

Cribbs & Co. offer different delivery options for convenience. We add new items to our range on a regular basis, as well as making our own range so you can buy unique gifts for the precious premature babies in your life. All prem baby clothing that we stock or make, is hand-measured to give a more accurate size. Our mission is to make buying premature baby clothing as easy and stress-free as possible.

All products purchased from Cribbs & Co. plant a tree with tree nation to offset our products carbon footprint. We are passionate about being as eco friendly as possible and doing our bit to look after the world for all our little people to enjoy.

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